Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Industry

Here is this article:

Well... Yeah - music industry is down....less revenue than in 1999. Blah blah blah - digital era...fuck the progress...Piracy sucks  - and other stuff like that.

But, to be honest, I think that thanks to my age, I faced this "media revolution" myself. Switching from cassettes to CDs and then to mp3. And apart from the fact that each new media was much more convenient for the user, nobody is really pointing out the fact, that nowadays - creating music is waaaayyy easier than...10-15 years ago.

Nowadays, many successful musicians are home-grown and self-produced. Yeah, big pop stars still need hell of a promotion, but the other layer of musicians - became huge! And the variety of artists and genres - became huge. Nowadays - you can stick to net labels and live you whole life listening to tons of albums and never pay a cent for that - legally! 

Culture of mixes...Podcasts... Music is everywhere is tons, bulks, "barrels", cheap, expensive, free.

I guess it's stupid to still think that ""music industry" represented by labels, still holds the music creation in it's hands and have to get some profit for that. It's not like that any more. A person now can create, self record, self master and self distribute his music through internet and satisfy thousands. When 10-15 years ago, he or she needed to go to "the big guys" and get some help recording, promoting, distributing.

Yes, dear music industry, you are dying - at least the form of yours we used to know when we were digging through piles of CDs looking for that special sound we wish to walk on the streets with. Now we have too many sources to choose from and too many sounds.

RIP the big guys monopoly.

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